How It All Got Started

How It All Got Started


My Favourite Black Men



ImageHow can you not love Tyrese Gibson’s gorgeous smooth dark chocolate skin? And everytime I see him laugh, I wish I was the woman making him laugh


ImageThat lower lip.. So pink and so tasty looking.. I don’t even care what role he’s playing in a movie, I just love looking at him. Pity he usually plays the loser in movies.


ImageI ain’t a big fan of light skinned niggas, but Common has that face you just wanna show off to your girls like “Look what I got me bitches!”.. and then take him home to momma and she’d approve of his flawless gentleman looks


ImageI’m positive this man will still look yummy at 60. Like for real. And he looks so good when he smiles


ImageLegend has it, Dwayne Johnson descends from a group of fierce Amazon warriors. Also he looks like a night with him will have you unable to walk for a week.. If you’re lucky. Yum yum!ImageBe my rock!!!


ImageAah… Idris Elba. The object of 70 % of women’s erotic dreams. With good reason too.. Such a beautiful man! And that accent ImageWell hello to you too sexy..


ImageTHIS  MAN IS JUST TOO BEAUTIFUL! I again make an exception on my dark chocolate preference in men. Would still watch a movie with him on mute. Kinda man you have dinner with but spend the whole time thinking of all the filthy things you’d let him do to youImage*wipes drool*


ImageSpecial mention to Michael Ealy’s gorgeous eyes


ImageNo lie, Michael Jai White looks like he would bruise your vagina… And you would enjoy it immensely

ImageImagejust drop the towel already!

ImageMr Jones looks good in a suit!


Imagethat lower lip… that beautiful skin.. perfection!


ImageIsaiah Mustafa.. I love his matter what he’s selling

Imageand so are you boo…. nice assImagequit teasing and just drop that towel


ImageRasta got soul.. Bob Marley had good genes, not only does Ky-mani have soul, he is gorgeous! Wish I was the one shampooing those beautiful locks


ImageTyson Beckford is THEE object of my erotic dreams. He tops my list of most beautiful black men. EVER…And that lower lip!Image*swallows drool*ImageThe room is getting real hot now.. that bulge looks nice boo



New Beginnings

I haven’t been around for a while.. almost feel like a stranger in my own house. i have been so busy! some might already know this, some might not. I am now in South Africa, for school, At Monash South Africa. As we entered the year, a lot wanted a fresh start. Me included. And I got one. Thank God for that. And God bless my parents abundantly for sending me here. Much as I’m gonna miss my family and friends back home (which I already do), I’m excited about making new friends here and I have a lot of family here so the family bit is covered too. Also excited about the memories I’m gonna create here, the relationships I’m gonna build, the adventures. Just thinking about it nearly makes me dizzy. Maybe if I like it well enough and if the opportunity presents itself, I might even like to work here. Chocolate here is so cheap! Don’t even get me started on the ice cream and cake. What more could a candy junkie ask for?




There is only one for me
You have established your place as him
Took a while for us to get here
But we’re here now, we made it
Tonight, I want to…to show you just what you mean to me
Tonight, I don’t want any conversation
We’ve talked enough
Tonight, I just want you to take me
Tonight I want you so deep inside you touch my soul

I want to give myself to you, all of me
Tonight and hereonafter, my body belongs to you
My lips to kiss you, to taste you
My eyes to look at you, to look into your soul
My hands to touch you, to pleasure you
My breasts for you to rest on, to fondle
All of me is for you

Take me in any way, tonight is the night
I can be whatever you want me to be
I can do whatever you want me to do
I love when you’re a little tough with me, y’know just a little bit rough with me
I like to roughen up, y’know just to cause excitement
I love it when you make me submit to you
Inspire me to give you my all
I am yours baby
I. Am. Yours

Heal Me And Hurt Me

I waited so long for Amazing
Now I am too afraid to believe you are here
Are you for real
Or are you a mirage?
Am I just too thirsty?
Was I with Bad too long, Ok seems Amazing?
Is it all in my head and you really are my Special One?
Or is it all in my head and you really ain’t shit?
Just a slight upgrade from my usual shit?
Some good conversation here, some great sexing there
Then you hit the road?
Or is all that in my head and you really are here to stay?

I wanna believe when you say “Baby I can heal you”
I want you to heal me
Deep down I know you can
Deep down I also know you can hurt me, bad
Love does sometimes, unintentionally
“It is a beautiful tyrannt, a fiend magical”
But despite all that,
I will let you love me,
I will let you heal me
And if love hurts me again,
I will pick up the pieces of my big ol heart
And live to love again